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  • LSY Screw Conveyor is designed to transport bulk materials from one place to another. It can move powdery or granular materials in both horizontally and on an inclination up to 60°. Conveying material temperature is lower than 200℃.
    LSY Screw Conveyor is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, paper making, and construction industries. The equipment is mainly suitable for field flowing work, such as concrete mixing station, bulk material transit storage, etc.
    • Features
    • Technical data
    • Application
    1. LSY series screw conveyor consists of driving motor, reducer, tubular housing structure and spiral conveyor.
    2. Axle head and conveying spiral adopt spline connection, with other additional features such as convenient mounting &disassembling, high load capacity and stability.
    3. All sections of screw conveyor are connected with flange. The screw blades are integrally connected.
    4. Inlet and outlet chutes have many kinds of connections, such as flange, sack, universal joint, etc.
    5. Totally-enclosed structure without environment pollution.
    6. Continuous transport of bulk material vertically and on an inclination, with the construction of small screw diameter, high rotation speed and large capacity.