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  • Things that Could Lead to Bucket Elevator Dust Explosion

    Bucket elevator is widely applied in industrial and agricultural production. In the process of loading materials, the buckets of bucket elevator will strike on the material at a higher speed, which causes a great friction and impulsive force on materials, and will result friction between materials. Hence, the dust material dust will be blown out. When unloading the materials, materials will be thrown from the bucket, which also cause the dust blowing out. 

    In order to control the dust leakage, bucket elevator machine works under the condition of completely sealed, the enclosed space virtually increased the risk of explosion. Although the bucket elevator is worked in a sealed condition, the casing is not very tight, the air can enter through the connector and inlet port. Therefore, there is presence of large amounts of oxygen in the internal. When there is a fire, it can generate dust explosions. Bucket conveyor can create dust explosion may be due to undesirable of machine operation, where there is high possibility of creating a spark. The main reason is as follows:

    (1) If particle flow contains metallic impurities, it may collide and rub with the bucket in the process of the flowing, this will create spark.

    (2) If belt deviation occurs and rubs with casing, it may produce spark, so in order to prevent the sparks, it is better to use the chain bucket elevator.

    (3) When buckets or screw fall off, it can produces sparks when rub with other components.

    (4) When bearing overheats or belt skid for a long period, it can achieve ignition point of dust explosion.

    (5) The open flames enters, igniting dust explosion etc.

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